Learning how to surf from Jenny was an awesome experience. She's a great instructor with a relaxed and upbeat attitude. I went from being a complete beginner to standing up pretty regularly. She also took pictures of me surfing and helped me correct my form. I hope to be back again someday!

-Mike, Bethesda, Maryland

I had tried to surf a couple of times before but never got up. Jenny really explained everything very clearly and gave me a lot of tips that I wouldn't have figured out on my own. I stood up on my first wave! It was so fun. She even gave me some advice on what surfboard to buy and now I am surfing on my own.

-Christy, San Diego, California

Jenny's lessons are effective and fun! In two lessons I went from first time experience to standing up and riding the waves... Jenny's warm and charming personality makes it a lot easier and turns any day into a relaxed and exciting adventure. I loved it and can't wait for some advanced lessons. Thanks Jenny!

-Pedro, Colombia/Coronado, California

We were only in town for one more day and the kids really wanted to surf. I called last minute and had our lesson the same day! The kids were thrilled. They had such a great time, they still are talking about it months later. It really ended our trip on a wonderful note. Thanks for squeezing us in!

-Carol, Rochester, Minnesota

I was such a dork at first, I just couldn't stand up! But you were so patient and positive and kept giving me specific little adjustments to what I was doing until I finally got it right! After I got up once, it was easy. I rode every wave to the beach. Thanks for sticking with me when I didn't think I could do it.

-Staci, Worcester, Mass

I tried to surf a few times on my own, but I was having trouble standing up for more than one or two seconds. So I decided I needed one good lesson, and Jenny's lesson was just right. She went over the basics with me on the beach. The pop up and positioning myself on the board. Next we headed out into the wash so I could get the feel for standing up. It didn't take long with her help, so she grabbed her board and we spent the majority of the lesson well.....surfing. She helped with everything: paddling out, picking waves, positioning myself in the wave, surf etiquette and more. She gave me advice when it was needed and it made a huge difference. It was more like hanging out with a friend than taking a lesson. She's very easy to get along with and doesn't mind if you cut her off trying to catch a wave LOL. Now I'm able to hit the surf and actually surf. Thanks Jenny

-Tim, San Diego, California

All lessons are 90 minutes and include surfboards, wetsuits and photos!!!

Private Surf Lessons

  • 1.5 hour 1 on 1 surf lesson
  • $120 includes surfboard, wetsuit and photos

Group Surf Lessons

  • 2 people, 1 instructor $90 per person
  • 3-4 people, $80 per person
  • For large groups please contact us

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    Surfboard, Boogie Board, Wetsuit Rentals

  • 8ft Surfboards $25 all day
  • 9ft Surfboard $30 all day
  • Boogie Boards $15 all day
  • Fiberglass Surfboards $40 all day
  • Wetsuit $15 all day or $5 with any board rental
  • Free delivery and Mini Lesson to get you started!

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